Monday, July 24, 2017

About My Books (2017 July Update)

Never work on three projects at once...seems to be a common advice for writers.

Throw that garbage out the window! Not literally though.

No rule says you can't work on ten things at once if you think you can do it. But only if you think you can do it. Here's an update on the books I'm working on in order of importance.

The first one is...

From the last "About My Book" post back in 2016, September, not much has changed except for the sub-genres of the book and the blurb.

Title of Book: Liaffon
Book One: East Seekers

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Sub-Genre: Mystery/Romance

Place: World like our own

Age: In our century with characters living a traditional life, European/Victorian/Countryside style

Main message: Is change good or bad?

Blurb: Belome Konas, age 20, was given the job as Glass Wielder. But this is traditionally meant for the eldest in the glassmaking family. The once close brothers lose touch of each other and their father forbids them to tell even the village leader about this. Although the Harvest Festival seemingly reunites them, an old family enemy, the Terrens are rumored to have returned. They threaten to kill Belome but then the Guardians choose him to travel in his leader's place on a journey that will change his life. But change is exactly what he doesn't want.

I linked the book so you can check it out if you want :)

2nd important book currently is my CampNaNoWriMo book of this month...

Title of Book: Dark Matters or Anomalies. I haven't decided yet.

Genre: Fantasy/Dystopian

Sub-Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi

Place: World like our own

Age: Somewhere in the modern future but with a different kind of technology that is more about electricity, gears, and concrete instead of metal focused.

Main message: Destroying the cliche that the dark is evil and the light is good.

Blurb: Almost sixteen years ago, a sudden burst of new humans were born with strange powers. Called a "generational mistake", anomalies were captured and often killed by the Government and the President of Irinelio. In a poisoned, damaged city called Mirage, they took refuge. One of them, Delphia, finds she is not the only one who can control shadows, a rare anomaly. Another, Lace, discovers the anomaly she has could be the key to help destroy an evil made of light who is from another world, one Lace is connected to. A third, Murke, realizes that not all darkness must be evil and not all light is good.

For this story, because I had a time limit and a word count to meet, I decided to not worry about being cliche except for the overall general plot and the cliche I wanted to destroy.

Unfortunately, this one isn't posted anywhere so you'll just have to wait.

Third important novel...

Title of Book: Red, White, or In Between

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Sub-Genre: Alice in Wonderland themed. I think there's a word that means books that are based on the original but not quite...but I forgot.

Place: World like our own and World not like our own

Age: In our era with smartphones and everything.

Main message: I want you to fan over my guy characters.

Blurb: Eryn, a normal high school girl, not to mention popular, finds an old bracelet in her late grandmother's room. When she puts it on, she suddenly finds herself in a strange world where everyone believes in "Alice in Wonderland" tales and seems to think she's Alice. The fact is, she doesn't even look like Alice. But the peculiar people around her see Alice in her and believe she is the one who will save them from the Madness, destroying it for good. Will Eryn be able to find her way through the craziness, make sense out of nonsense, and get the key to go home?

This one was actually a NaNoWriMo writing as well back in 2013. I've started editing it and revising it. If you click on the title link, you can read it on :)

Another important project is...

Another important project is...

Title of Book: The Puppeteer Series

The series is made up of many short stories, textbook-ish writings, and snippets of explanation which will help you piece together the mystery of the Puppeteer.

Genre: Mystery

Sub-Genre: Horror/Historical

Place: Our world. Once even 2012.

Age: Sometimes in our era with computers, other times in an era of oil lamps and steam trains.

Main message: Who is the Puppeteer? and "Don't forget who you are."

I've been working on this bit by bit and except for "The Puppeteer" which is book one and "Daniel" which is book two, the rest have no order of reading. You are like a detective piecing together the puzzle to find out who the Puppeteer is. Some names and places might make a second appearance in some of the stories and some characters will appear as older or younger versions of themselves.

Another one is...

Title of Book: Jewl

Genre: High Fantasy

Sub-Genre: Magic/Alchemy

Place: World not like our own

Age: Electricity? No. Oil lamps? Yes.

Main message: You might be small but that doesn't mean you're weak.

Blurb: Sixteen-year-old Sarah lives in a world where Mages and magic have gone extinct centuries ago. In a small village called Karn, Sarah grows up loyal to her Mamma and never ventured out further than the downtown marketplace. But one day a strange wolf by the name Zalvidair brings word from her father she had thought to be dead. Her Mage father needs her help and her powers which she didn't even know she had. With Zalvidair as her guide, Sarah learns about the dying practice of magic, the coming darkness, and her part to play to protect the Power of Jewl.

I linked the book so you can check it out :)

And yes, that's about it right now. I do have other novels that I'm not working on right now but I would like to once I get some of these done. "Liaffon" is definitely still the one I want to publish and once I finish writing the first draft of "Dark Matters/Anomalies" then I'll focus once again on editing the heck out of "Liaffon". In case you were wondering, I'm not self-publishing. I'm taking the daunting traditional way :)

Anyway, now you know what I'm up to :)

Happy Writing! :D

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