Saturday, September 17, 2016

What Fiction Writing REALLY Is: Discussion

Fiction writing, no matter what sub-genre, is mostly writing about places you've never been or will never EVER go to.

Which is good because you can really go crazy with description, you are free to do (within the boundaries of your story of course) whatever you want. You can invite your readers into a world never thought possible or into your own world with a slight twist.

But, writing about places you've never been or will never EVER go to is also bad. Let me tell you why.

You've probably guessed already if you are beginning to write your story or even if you are halfway down the road. There are things you need to do to let the reader see exactly what you are seeing in your creative little mind.

You need to make it believable and real and so that they can at least get a gist of what the world looks like. Doesn't have to be the whole world, just the town or the city or even just the neighborhood.

It sounds daunting, doesn't it? You have to tell someone what a place looks like that you have never been to. It's like if Mercury aliens came to Earth and they asked you what Mars looks like. We have seen pictures of Mars but we have never been there, well, not yet. How would you describe it in detail using the five senses?

Look, I'm not trying to scare you I'm just pointing out the fact that fiction writing is basically talking about a place you've never been, describing a situation you've never been or one that has a few twists from your own life. The character is female and you are male and you are writing about the time you sister was taken away by kidnappers. Even though it might be from your own life (which is utterly tragic and I'm sorry to anyone who is going through this now and I hope the investigators find her) it is still from a different perspective, the female perspective which you will never EVER experience.

Okay, off topic.

Remember Avatar? The coolest movie of all time? Imagine if you had to write it. And I don't mean the script. I mean the novel.


Yes, how do you show people that AWESOMENESS in writing form?

Even if you've seen the movie, it's still hard to describe a place you've never been.

That's why it helps to travel! :D  But let's face it, not all of us have that kind of money or time.

And let's face something else, we're never EVER gonna get to go to the Avatar world.

My discussion question is,

How do you write about a place you've never been to without being so overly descriptive to the point of boring?

I will tell you about how I deal with it in the "An Authoress Experience" label.

Happy Writing! :D

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