Monday, November 27, 2017

About My Books (2017 November Update)

And so, here we are again, 4 months since the last update. Is that enough time in between? In terms of progress, I think it is :D

So what happened after 4 months? How have things changed, or how much have things not changed?

Well, I can start by saying some stuff is now available on Wattpad, just click here and you can see :)

Although some other stuff like "Liaffon" that I talked about first the last post (such a confoozing sentence :P ) you cannot see there and the link in the last post will not work after 12/31 because FIGMENT IS GOING TO SHUT DOWN! :0

I probably spent a good few hours screen-shotting (not a word) the heck out of that writing site that I've been on for the past 7 years. It's sad to see it go but hopefully "Underlined" the new site will be just as good. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, without further ado, here's my progress report :)

Title of Book: Liaffon (Book One: East Seekers)
(sorry, no links)

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Sub-Genre: Mystery/Romance

Place: World like our own with some different kinds of creatures

Age: In our century with characters living a traditional life. Victorian Era mixed with Countryside style.

Blurb: Belome Konas, age 20, was given the job as Glass Wielder. But this is traditionally meant for the eldest in the glassmaking family. The once close brothers lose touch of each other and their father forbids them to tell even the village leader about this. Although the Harvest Festival seemingly reunites them, an old family enemy, the Terrens are rumored to have returned. They threaten to kill Belome but then the Guardians choose him to travel in his leader's place on a journey that will change his life. But change is exactly what he doesn't want.
(mmhm, yes I copied the text from the last post. I'm lazy :P)

Status: FINISHED!! YOU GUYS! I worked on this as long as I've been on Figment: Write Yourself In, that is, 7 years. And I am so satisfied with it. Now to get on to the hassle of querying.

============================meow meow=======

Title of Book: Red, White, or In Between
(click the link to read on Booksie)

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Sub-Genre: Based on Alice in Wonderland. Partially on the book, partially on the Disney animated film, partially on the Tim Burton films. Mostly on the book.

Place: Starts in a world like our own.

Age: In our era. MC uses smartphone and agonizes about the non-existing WiFi.

Blurb: Eryn, a normal high school girl, not to mention popular, finds an old bracelet in her late grandmother's room. When she puts it on, she suddenly finds herself in a strange world where everyone believes in "Alice in Wonderland" tales and seems to think she's Alice. The fact is, she doesn't even look like Alice. But the peculiar people around her see Alice in her and believe she is the one who will save them from the Madness, destroying it for good. Will Eryn be able to find her way through the craziness, make sense out of nonsense, and get the key to go home?
(mmhm, yes, copypasted that from the last post.)

Status: Still writing. Almost there.

============================meow meow=======

Title of Book: The Puppeteer Series
(click link to read on Wattpad)

Genre: Mystery

Sub-Genre: Horror/Fictional History
(yes, fictional history, not historical fiction. I'm making up history from scratch almost :P )

Place: A world like our own. 

Age: From around the 1800s to 2016.

Description: Will update every few days or so. The Puppeteer Series is a series of shorts, explanations, and other types of writing all in one book. Readers can put the puzzle together to figure out the mystery of who or what The Puppeteer is and why people are turning into puppets.
(mmhm, copied from my Wattpad description)

Status: Still writing. Still a long way to go.

============================meow meow=======

Title of Book: Jewl
(click link to read on Wattpad)

Genre: High Fantasy

Sub-Genre: Magic (is that a genre?)

Place: A fantasy world where magic used to be a thing. There are kingdoms, too.

Age: Victorian Era/and whenever soldiers fought with swords

Blurb: Sixteen-year-old Sarah lives in a world where Mages and magic have gone extinct centuries ago. In a small village called Karn, Sarah grows up loyal to her Mamma and never ventured out further than the downtown marketplace. But one day a strange wolf by the name Zalvidair brings word from her father she had thought to be dead. Her Mage father needs her help and her powers which she didn't even know she had. With Zalvidair as her guide, Sarah learns about the dying practice of magic, the coming darkness, and her part to play to protect the Power of Jewl.
(mmhm, you know what I did by now, don't you?)

Status: WIP (writing in progress, wolf in project)

============================meow meow=======

Okay, right now those are the three on my list.
I do have a few others so let me just give you the title and genre.

Title of Book: Biological Child

Genre: Mystery

Title of Book: Destined

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Anyway, that's all there is for now.

Happy Writing! :D

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