Saturday, September 17, 2016

10 Writing Prompts for Cat Lovers

1. A girl who can change into a cat finds herself in a world where people can only change into birds and mice. She needs to learn to deal with them nicely without resorting to instincts otherwise she will change into a cat permanently. The people who can change into birds and mice do not know she can change into a cat which is their enemy.

2. A cat sorceress goes on a quest to find some secret powers. But another wild cat is after the same powers and plans to rule the world.

3. A computer-hacking war between cats and dogs end up affecting the human world and involving the FBI.

4. A cat version of Mission Impossible where all the characters are cats and all the villains are either humans or werewolves.

5. A family who hates cats wake up one day to find themselves kidnapped by cat-like aliens. To escape, they need to befriend them first but it is really hard for them because they really HATE cats. It should be a comedy.

6. There is a murder of a little boy from a poor family. The police won't help them. They find a talking cat detective that can. But some of the poor family try to find the murderer themselves to get revenge thinking the cat detective is unreliable because he is a cat. They must build trust.

7. Harry Potter fanfic where all the humans are cats and all the cats and other creatures are humans. The story takes place in the Philosopher's Stone especially during the first few days there and during the Quidditch games.

8. A scraggly cat appears in the gardens of an asylum. The nurse working there discovers that the cat is being controlled by some sorcerer outside the asylum to communicate with some of the patients and plotting an escape. But the nurse can't tell the other nurses or doctors because she will look crazy. But she needs to either prevent it from happening, or find out about this sorcerer. There is a twist ending! But no, the nurse had nothing to do with it.

9. A crazy cat lady unexpectedly passes away leaving her 400 cats to roam. But she wasn't just a crazy cat lady. She had also been experimenting with her cats. A few months later, people in that neighborhood start to suffer from a strange disease. At first no one knows where it is from but they find out the cats were spreading the disease but then they further find out that half the cats had the disease, while the other half have the cure. But killing the cats is out of the question! Scientists, health organizations, and animal specialists must work together to isolate the cats with the disease and find the ones with the cure to save humankind.

10. A fanfic about Grumpy Cat, Tardar Sauce's previous life and how her current life is both a blessing and a curse. It is from her point of view.

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