Saturday, September 17, 2016

Introduction to "An Authoress Experience"

Labeled "An Authoress Experience", in this series I will talk about my own experiences with my novel-in-progress, or commonly said in writerly jargon, my WIP.

Though I do make references in other articles to my own experiences with certain aspects of writing, I don't really talk about the ongoing experiences with my own novel.

My hopes is that you can walk through this with me, experience it, learn from it, and relate to it.

Some themes I hope to address are:

  • Research for worldbuilding
  • Hurdles I've come across and how I dealt with them
  • Interesting things I've learned
  • Creative ways I've had to come up with with writing my novel
  • Getting feedback and dealing with it
  • How I have been getting my novel known to the world

Without further ado, let's get started! (Rosana Pansino reference)

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