Saturday, August 27, 2016

Conquering Writer'sblockitis: Ask IF

Often we writers suffer from Writer'sblockitis. Here is something you can do that might help.

If...if is good.

Let me demonstrate:

MC went to the library on a sunny morning.

What IF he was caught in a downpour?

What IF he was then in an accident?

What IF the accident had a bad guy in it?

What IF this bad guy and the MC were related?

What IF they weren't?

What IF he wasn't in an accident and arrived at the library...What IF the library had been burned down? What IF it was being...invaded? Blown-up?

What IF it was actually him?

Memory loss? Crazy sleep-walking? Dual-personality?

Now this is getting interesting, huh? :)

If this didn't happen, if this did happen, ask yourself, try alternate storylines, mix them up, turn them inside out and upside down.

My MC for my novel is a shy guy. He doesn't really speak up. With him not engaging, I could encounter writer'sblockitis in the future. But, here it comes guys, what IF he did?

What IF he did and made a difference? If he makes a difference, where does that leave him? What IF he stands up for himself? What IF he made amends with a village enemy? What IF?

Ask IF. If is good.

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