Saturday, August 27, 2016

What is "Writer'sblockitis"?

Writer'sblockitis. If you frequent my blog, you might find this word appear in many places. It's my own little word, or it could've been someone else's but for all I know it's my own little word.

Anyway, I say "writer'sblockitis" as a sort of joke for writer's block. "Itis", pronounced EYE-TISS is typically put at the end of a sickness name.

Writer's block sometimes feels like a sickness. So...Writer'sblockitis which is sometimes written as Writersblockitis cuz it looks more disease-ish that way, is a sickness which I define as...

Writersblockitis: A sickness/disease that only writers get. Symptoms are, writersblock, enertia, a drive but no creativity, easily distracted, and if any story comes out it sounds awful.

Now, you know you have writer'sblockitis when...

You feel a drive of bubbly creative excitement and cannot contain yourself but, you have ZERO ideas for a story and the blank page stares at you.

You are trying to write a continuation to your story but you can't seem to satisfy yourself. Nothing sounds right. You spend a few hours just writing and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting...

You cannot even. You open up your document and...close it. Then, without further explanation to yourself, you go and do other things. Like watching YouTube.

You are doing the thing that you enjoy the most but right now, it is your worst enemy and you HATE it. You would rather do something else.

There are probably other symptoms but that's what I can come up with from the top of my head. Writer'sblockitis is a mean thing for writers. We want to write, we enjoy it and should always, but sometimes it comes and laughs in our faces or tries to push us into forced creativity where we become unsatisfied with ourselves.

If you are laughing right now because you have never had it and think I'm just being silly, then, you are lucky.

If you are a newbie, this is what you are getting yourself into. Don't fret though. Every career or hobby has its downsides that smack you in the face sometimes. But if you truly are passionate and serious about writing, you will conquer writer'sblockitis.

I guarantee.

Happy Writing! :D

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