Sunday, August 28, 2016

Write this Story: 5 Inspirational Covers for Prompts

Here are some random covers I made using random pics which you can use as writing prompts. I had ideas behind the covers but you are not pressured to use them.

Maybe they can inspire you out of Writer'sblockitis.

My idea: The MC meets a girl who is a heavy smoker. Later they find out in the news of a terrible serial killer on the loose. The descriptions by one survivor sounds just like the girl they met. The MC only knows that she smoked but they did meet her. They eventually get caught up in this murder mystery.


My idea: The MC took home a lost-looking little girl only to find out late that she is a nymph. Afraid of humans, she hides in the closet all the time.

My idea: Do you know the story of Thomasina? It's a movie about a cat and her relationships with her owner and her relationships with a woman who cares for animals in the woods. The cat seemingly has some kind of memory loss and goes to live with the woman in the woods. You should look it up, it's a good family movie.

Anyway, this cover takes on the idea of Thomasina as a hamster. The true story of Thomasina the Hamster that no one would believe because it is about a hamster who goes on an adventure to return to her owner after being left behind by mistake. There are some similarities to the Thomasina film.

And...I have no idea for this cover. Just wanted to make it. The woman is wearing a masquerade mask.

And then this is the last one.

Happy Writing! :D

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